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We are honored to offer this rebate program to our membership, and look forward to saving our members money!

McKenzie Electric is dedicated to saving you money. If you are thinking about upgrading older appliances and residential heating/cooling systems, make sure you review the list before you buy. MEC reimburses members for specific residential use Energy Star-rated items.

*Please note that all rebates are for residential purposes only and are subject to required specifications and proof of purchase before the final issue of rebate. If you need further clarification on the specifications needed for items, please contact a member of our staff at 701-444-9288, we will be happy to assist you in meeting the rebate requirements before purchase.

Copies of Proof of purchase, Model number, and product specifics should be included in your rebate request. Details of the appliance you are replacing are also requested. These items can be mailed directly to MEC, dropped off, or emailed to aspratta@mckenzieelectric.com

Once rebate items are verified for the energy efficiency requirements, a check will be mailed to the member at the billing address on file for their electrical service, or with member approval, applied to your account as a bill credit.

Electric Water Heater Rebate

You can get up to a $100 rebate for Energy Star rated electric water heaters! Email or bring in your Energy Star tag to claim your rebate.

Washer Machine Rebate

If you're looking at upgrading your washer machine you might be eligible for a cash rebate! Save your energy star tag that came with your appliance and email or bring us a copy to claim your $50 rebate.

Insulation Rebate

Get 10% of installed cost with a $500 cap! Electrically Heated and Existing Homes ONLY