Always Be Aware of Overhead Power Lines

Accidents on the job site can result in lost time, delays in construction, and worst of all, the death and/or injury of employees. When on the job site, remember to be aware of your surroundings and map overhead powerlines in and around your construction zone before work begins. Use the chart below for safe clearance distances for travel and work underneath overhead lines (McKenzie Electric distribution line voltages highlighted in green text):

Power Line Voltages

OSHA Minimum
Approach Distance

0 to 50 kV 10 feet
Over 50kV to 200kV 15 feet
Over 200 kV to 350kV 20 feet
Over 350kV 25 feet
Over 500kV to 750kV 35 feet

1926.1408 - Power line safety (up to 350 kV)--equipment operations.


Call Before You Dig - It's Easy and It's the Law

Before you begin digging at a construction site, ensure 811 One Call has been notified and stakers have been on site. Not only is this a North Dakota law, but this also protects the public, McKenzie Electric members and cooperative employees. Use this chart as your safety guide in your construction zone. 

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